Say no to homosexuality – Christian, Muslims clergy annouces

Clergy, teacher unions and traditional leaders have posted strong positions against the notion that homosexuality is a rights issue. They have urged the state to resist every attempt by the LGBTQI community to operate.

The religious groups are the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG), the Muslim Community; the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) and the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa. The Muslim community in Ghana stated that homosexuality was a deviant behaviour totally unacceptable in Islam. “In fact, we do not hate the homosexuals; rather we find their behaviour abhorrent,” the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu, said.

The CCG said it was willing to make available trained and qualified pastors and counsellors from its member churches to help all those who had passion and tendencies of unnatural relation with the same sex. It also advised Ghanaians against putting the law into their own hands by molesting and attacking persons known to be in the homosexual unions. Rather, the Council advised that such persons be reported to the appropriate agencies.

Ghana’s Chief Imam calls for national dialogue conference on homosexuality in the country. He says the Muslim community recognised that Ghana was a secular democratic state. The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council viewed the action by the LGBTQI movement as an affront to the long cherished religious values, customs and traditions, as well as the laws, of Ghana. The Council called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all individuals or groups behind the alleged opening of this new LGBTQI office in Ghana for breach of the law and potential threat to peace.

The Chief Imam said such a conference will generate an avalanche of critical opinions for an amicable solution to the issue. It may also serve as a platform for the men of God to get the misguided to the right path, he said in a well-researched clerical position paper. “We also call on Parliament, as the representatives of the people, to summon the President’s representatives at the ministries,” he said.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers-Ghana condemned any attempt to institutionalise LGBTQI in the country. They said security agencies should arrest the perpetrators behind the opening of the office.

Chief of Dormaahene said the culture of the country did not give room for LGBTQI activities. Justice of the High Court, Osagyefo Agyemang Badu, said it was a cultural issue, not a political one. The Hanua of Kedzikope in the Keta municipality, Togbi Amuzu II, described the practice as sin against God. He threatened to banish any person in his traditional area who was caught practising homosexuality.

The Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa urged the Western World to know that something could be legally right but culturally wrong in Ghana. It said it is better for the European Union and the Wesers powers in general to withdraw their financial support to the nation “than for them to force homosexuality on us” .

He said God created Adam and Eve and wondered how the world would have been if Eve were a man. “It is a sin before God; it must be nipped in the bud

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