Security Analyst Names Kan Dapaah As The Most Incompetent National Security Boss Ever

Adam Bonaa, a security analyst, says Kan Dapaah, the former National Security Minister-designate, is the most incompetent person ever named to the position.

According to him, the complexities of security problems in the country do not appear to be understood by Mr. Dapaa, who has been reappointed to the role.

In an interview on Starr FM with Francis Abbban, Adam Bonaa stated; “You should see our records. Since independence, have you heard about secessionists taking over our democracy and cutting off a part of the country? This happened under his watch and that’s the metric. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t have to be an analyst or security student. You can go for the data. Today, we are having unprecedented robberies,”

“How do you live in a country as if we live in a war-torn country and call yourself a National Security Minister who should be approved? As far as I’m concerned, the president shouldn’t have reappointed Kan Dapaah. He’s one of the incompetent people the President has appointed”

However, Dr. Kwesi Aning, Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs and Research at the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Centre, says that in his vetting, the minister-designate did justice to the issues.

“I only watched part of Kan Dapaah’s vetting but I found his answers mature and also providing us the factual assessment of what the challenges are not creating fear and panic. I think in my assessment yesterday, there were one or two bright spots. Haruna Iddrisu’s questions were matured and sort to elevate the partisan interest that takes place, he noted.

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