The defense lawyers for two Nigerians who were on trial yesterday for the murder of the four missing ‘Takoradi girls’ did not appear before the Sekondi High Court without prior warning.

John Oji said he was told about the missing ‘Takoradi girls’ by investigators after his arrest. He denied everything, including his own statements and the dates. Samuel Udoetuk-Wills said he knew only two of the four missing girls. He told the court: “I have never kidnapped before, and I am not a kidnaper” The court adjourned proceedings today to enable counsels to address the jury before tomorrow’s verdict is announced. The verdict of the jury, fixed for tomorrow, would be delivered as scheduled, the court said. The court is presided over by Justice Richard Adjei-Frimpong, a Justice of the Court of Appeal, with additional responsibility as a High Court judge.

The court ordered the prosecution to file its written address by February 17, 2021, while the defense counsels were to file their written addresses by February 24, 2021. However, both counsels failed to file written addresses as directed by the court and did not show up in court.
The accused also said while in the custody of the National Investigation Bureau (NIB) he was tortured to say things that were not true. He said due to the severity of the torture, he was forced to mention his childhood friend John Oji and some of his friends in Koforidua as his collaborators. “I asked John the whereabouts of the girls, and John was puzzled and asked me which girls and that he didn’t know what I was talking about,” he said. The NIB officers made him call John in Nigeria.

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