These popular social media will face a fine for exposure of illegal content

Under the British law, the exposure of harmful and illegal contents will lead Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok to be fined to a turnover of 10% or more if problem still persist.

As professionally monitored by technical expertise online they are to safeguard the children online from restricted sites and explicit information and others such as bullying and ponographic contents


“We are entering a new age of accountability for tech to protect children and vulnerable users, to restore trust in this industry, and to enshrine in law safeguards for free speech,” Britain’s Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said.

Governments globally are wrestling over measures to better control illegal or dangerous content on social media, with the European Union set to unveil its own package on Tuesday.

Britain’s new rules, which will be introduced in legislation next year, could lead to sites which break the rules being blocked and senior managers held liable for content.

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