Vice President | Launches a platform for Momo fraud

The system will help in blocking subscriber identification module (SIM) cards and mobile devices. It will also blacklist identification numbers that connected to fraud or general crime-related cases. Dr Bawumia made the launch in a webinar to mark the second edition of the Mobile Technology for Development conference in Accra.

The conference was on the theme: “The rise of Africa: Promoting Africa’s sustainable digital ecosystem” It was organised by the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications and the Financial Inclusion Forum for Africa. It is a platform where industry players dialogue and come up with recommendations to shape the local digital ecosystem. The government is collaborating with the private sector to drive the economy through the use of a digital ecosystem, he said.

He said the continent was awake to the possibilities and opportunities available in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and that Africa would not be left behind this time around. He expressed confidence in the ingenuity and determination of the people to find solutions to complex problems in the country to ensure universal access to financial services, health care, food, security and education.

Speaking on the role of financial inclusion in a COVID-19 pandemic period, the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr Maxwell Opoku-Afari, said the pandemic had tested the effectiveness and resilience of the financial sector.

He said the bank had implemented some measures to accelerate digital financial inclusion to reduce the impact on individuals, businesses and the government. The BoG was also facilitating the modernisation of indigenous financial services, such as ‘susu’, with digital tools.

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