Western Regional MTTD has pulled over 138 motorcycles for traffic violations.

Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis is being used as a staging area for various traffic offenses. Of the figure 59 were processed for the court of which 22 were convicted to a total of 22 convicted. The operation was a result of the frequent motor accidents and recent criminal activities involving motorbike users. DSP Adiku said personnel was briefed to approach the exercise with a high sense of professionalism and comporting themselves with a “high sense of professionalism”.

The operation is being carried out between April 12 and 24, by the Western Regional Police Command within the Sekondi Metropolis. The figure includes 138 motorbikes and 15 tricycles in the area and 18 people who were released after being found innocent of the offenses. The number of people arrested for various offenses is in excess of 1,000.

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