Ejisu NPP Chairman’s house set ablaze

Information we have had is that the place of the NPP director for Ejisu recognized as Samuel Oduro Frimpong’s house is set ablaze.

It is accounted for that the fire began from one of the rooms of his daughters prior to spreading out to the surrounding rooms.

As indicated by the source, an alert was brought making different inhabitants up in the house run out of the rooms before the fire had the option to spread through the entire house and cutting it down.

An onlooker in an interview uncovered that due to the nature of the fire, they neglected to save any of the properties.

Prince Aquah who turns out to be an inhabitant in the house clarified that they approached the Ghana National Fire Service yet when the firemen got to the house, the house had just gone up on fire.

Someone else who talked in the interview recognized as Samuel Frimpong expressed that he presumed the fire was intentional from his political adversaries.

“I will say it is connected to the adversaries; it is internal something. After the primaries, they said a lot about me because I had to help Lawyer John Kumah to become the MP. They threatened me that they were going to deal with me so I am not surprised to see what I am seeing.”

Kobby Koomson
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