Wizkid responds to Shatta Wale’s tweetstorm: “There is only one Africa.”


Wizkid, a world-renowned Afrobeats artist, has stated that Africans should band together rather than fight each other.

“There is only one Africa,” says the ‘Essence’ hitmaker.

Shatta Wale launched barbs at Nigerian singers at his Freedom Wave event and then on his Twitter page, prompting Wizkid’s response.
Following his performance at the recently concluded Afrochella festival, Wizkid takes the opportunity to preach peace and unity among all Africans.

“I have a message for you today,” he told his adoring followers at the EL Wak Sports Stadium, “don’t care if you are black, white, blue, or purple, I don’t give an F, I will show you the same love I show my brothers or sisters.” I’d like you to grasp something here. Africa is a single entity. We move together as a group.”

“There is only one love, only one Africa,” he said. “We are all the same, whether we are in Ghana, Nigeria, or Kenya.”

Shatta Wale responded to the Nigerians who were attacking him on Twitter. “As for Nigerians, they believe they can say whatever they want at any time. F**k your arguments, you’ll who believe I’m telling the truth. I don’t recall you supporting Ghanaian musicians in your nation. Until you recognize your artiste’s success in Ghana and thank them…

“Bring it on and your musicians won’t receive that excitement they get from Ghana,” he stated in another tweet. I’ll be able to bring that to a halt. Don’t dare to challenge me. True, your artists come to the United States for numbers before the rest of the world notices them. Appreciate Ghana’s support for your artists and for putting a stop to this nonsense.