Argentina legalizes abortion

A proposal from president Alberto Fernandez sought to passing the bill to legalize abortion by the lower house in the Argentine governance.

It was approved in a 131-117 votes with six abstentions. Demonstrators in favor of decriminalizing abortion, who had spent the night outside the congress building in Buenos Aires, erupted with joy and embraced each other as they listened to the parliamentary speaker reading the vote’s results on screens. Many of them wore face masks in the green color that has become a symbol for their movement.

Alberto Fernandez promised before elected as president that he will do everything possible to pass the abortion bill. That is about a year ago, voluntarily making it cost-free. Pope Francis who is an Argentine said “abortion has been a thrown-away culture in today’s world” proceeding its does not respect the dignity of the unborn in any way.

Several thousand women seeking abortions have died during unsafe, clandestine procedures in Argentina since 1983, and about 38,000 women are hospitalized every year because of botched procedures conducted in secret, according to the government.


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